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Complete Engineering Drawing of our New E-Waste Metal Separation System

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Convey Recyclable Materials

This Tuffman® 42′ Heavy Duty Feed Conveyor with Metering Wheel and Crossbelt Magnet is used as part of a sorting system to separate and prepare recyclable materials for end user manufacturers. System specifications: 48″ overall belt width, 44″ usable belt width 20″ x 50″ lagged head pulley 14″ x 50″ self-cleaning tail pulley Conveyor belt […]

Complete C&D Solution

Constructing a building or tearing one down is an arduous process that leaves waste behind. From pieces of wood and glass to drywall and bricks, this waste can take up significant space in landfills and properly disposing of it is no easy task. The recycling of construction and demolition debris could potentially prevent up to […]